What I Wore Sunday: Volume 98


Happy Sunday everyone! We had one post from Holly this week about sharing your faith! We are lucky to have Alea back from Snapshots and Sweet Dreams hosting WIWS this week! She is newly-married and you can see all of the wedding goodness on her blog! I'll let her take it away. ~~~ Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've hosted WIWS, and I've been quite busy since then, but I'm so glad to be back! Today I am attending a bridal shower for my cousin after morning Mass, so my outfit is doing double duty. This dress is my new favorite because it is so incredibly versatile. I can pair so many different colors with it! Most of what I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor Loft Factory, the dress, cardigan and necklace. The shoes are from Payless and the clutch is from Dots. Have a safe and … [Continue reading...]

An Opportunity to Share Your Faith

Written by Holly Fall is approaching. People are getting excited for roasting hot dogs, hay rides, fallen leaves, and crisp temperatures. At least that's what people are getting excited about here in the boonies where I live. I'm not a city girl, so feel free to fill me in on what city folk are getting excited about. :) Fall is an exciting time in the Catholic Church as well. Most parishes are preparing to launch their RCIA programs! Most of you know that I went through the RCIA process last year, and this year I am thrilled to be doing it again - as a sponsor of someone new to the faith. Are you involved in your parish's RCIA program? There are so many ways to help! Sponsor someone who needs it - you ARE qualified simply by being a Catholic who loves and lives their faith. … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 97

Happy Sunday everyone! Another quiet week on the blog. Please stay tuned as we get some more organization and writers in these parts! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 96

Sorry for the super late post! The one I scheduled never worked! Lame! We didn’t have any posts this week but we’d love to have you guest post for us! Let me know if you’re interested Have a wonderful week!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 95

Happy Sunday! We had a post from Elizabeth about getting caught up in life. Give it a read if you haven’t. Super lame short post today. If you have a chance, please say a prayer for our dog who was attacked by another dog at his boarding last night. We’ve spent most of today at […]

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What’s the Point?

Written by Elizabeth I do not know about you but for me it is really easy to get all bogged down in the little things of life. Yesterday, and then again today I spent all morning working on little things. Things like returning business phone calls, paying bills, buying schoolbooks, changing addresses. All of these […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 94

Whew! What a week I had! I was on vacation this week and I’m glad to be back! We only had one post from Holly about getting organized. If you’re interested in hosting WIWS or posting in our blog, please contact me! We hope everyone had a wonderful time at Edel last weekend! I was […]

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Getting Organized

Written by Holly   This sounds like a fun topic doesn’t it? Stick with me folks! I know there’s a lot of debate about online calendar vs planners. I have done both, and while I adore our iCloud calender and how easily we can sync our appointments, I keep finding myself missing my paper planner. […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 93

Sooo, I failed miserably at getting this scheduled before I left for a mini-vacation this weekend. I apologize for the complete lateness! Wednesday, we had my post about why I don’t wear makeup. Friday, we had Holly’s post about Catholics meet the Kardashians (you should definitely check it out!) Sorry for the short post, wanted […]

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Catholics Meet the Kardashians

Written by Holly If you saw that title and clicked over here, my guess is you’re either intrigued or here to read me the riot act.  If you’re intrigued – welcome, I hope you will hear me out.  If you have your riot act in hand – give me five minutes to explain myself. Disclaimer […]

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