What I Wore Sunday: Volume 108


I don't have a picture today because I was in such a rush this morning and after Mass! So instead I'll share another photo from our photoshoot last weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week! … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 107


Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry for the late post (was traveling from the other side of the state today and failed to schedule it. I did take a picture today, but it wasn't as good as the professional ones we had taken yesterday (and I happened to wear the same exact thing anyway.. so why not include my husband and dog in it?) Coat: Target Pants: Kohls Boots: Kohls Sweater: Old Navy (black and grey striped sweater) Scarf: Oiselle We had a great time taking family pictures and it snowed where we were getting our pictures done! It was about 45 minutes north of where we live and there was at least 4 inches on the ground! Surprisingly, we didn't get any here, but it made our pictures that much better! Have a wonderful week! … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 106


We are so lucky to have Kelly from This Ain’t The Lyceum on the blog today talking about the capsule wardrobe. She’s here with some ideas on how to re-vitalize your wardrobe! Welcome, Kelly and thank you for hosting! ~~~ I’m so happy to be featuring my Sunday style today on Fine Linen and Purple! […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 105

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack of posts the last few weeks, it’s been crazy in my household and I’m finishing up the last few weeks of my Master’s degree so blogging took the backburner as I finish that up! The good news for you is that we have some awesome guest posters the […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 104

Happy Sunday everyone! It was a very cold morning and I busted out the sweater for Mass. I hope it’s a little warmer where you are! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 103

Good morning and happy Sunday! No posts this week but I hope you’ll join our linkup!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 102

Sorry for the lateness again. Turns out, I had no access to a computer this entire weekend! Not going to say much but have a wonderful week!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 101


Sorry for the lateness guys! It is my birthday and I was in another city with no computer and silly me forgot to schedule it Anyways, we had a post from Holly talking about Advent! I didn’t have a picture from Mass because I completely forgot but we ran in a race early this morning […]

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Written by Holly I know that Advent is still quite a ways away, but if you remember I am a new Catholic.  I’m trying to build traditions in our family, and learn about the different customs the church has throughout the liturgical year.  I have found some awesome resources online (like this one!) but I would […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 100

Written by Emily I cannot even begin to thank all of you who have contributed to WIWS or FLAP in the past 100 weeks. I can’t even believe that we’ve hit week 100 of What I Wore Sunday! We’ve had some great success with this linkup and I am so thankful for everyone who has […]

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