What I Wore Sunday: Volume 92


Written by Holly It's so good to be back at WIWS! It's been a busy summer and I haven't been able to host as much as I would like, but things are winding down so I hope to be back to hosting regularly. Today's photo is a quick snap. I was running behind, we needed to be there early - not a good combination! But here it is anyways. :) Skirt and cardi - Gordman's Shoes - can't remember but probably Yellowbox White shirt - a relic from my dresser Link up your outfits - I can't wait to catch up with all of you! … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 91


Happy Sunday everyone! We had two posts this week. Thursday, Elizabeth wrote about Summer Reads. Friday, Holly wrote about staying faithful through the busy seasons. Check them out if you haven't yet! Elizabeth is going to be hosting WIWS this week! I'll have her take it away. ~~~ This dress!  I talk a lot about how much I love dresses but a dress like this stands in a class all its own. This sort of dress is one that you put on and then immediately feel elegant and put together. Which is perfect for someone who finds themselves rushing as often as I do. My Mom originally bought me this dress at Burlington Coat factory for just $15.00! I had needed something to wear to a wedding. A style and a price like that just cannot be beat, lucky me.   Also to talk about the style. This … [Continue reading...]

Staying Faithful Through the Busiest Seasons

Written by Holly Well hello there!! I missed ya’ll last week! It’s June, and in the home of a wedding photographer that means one of the busiest months of the year. In my particular house it also means four birthdays in five weeks. Needless to say our schedules have been jam packed. I’ve written about […]

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Summer Reads


Written by Elizabeth If there is any summer activity that I love it is summer reading. In fact I find it to be indispensable for a good summer. There is nothing like curling up with a good book on a hot summer day. Grab a cup of iced tea or coffee and just enjoy reading! […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 90

We didn’t have any posts this week sad day. Are you wanting to write a post? Or be a contributing author? Please contact us! I’m going to night Mass so I will post my outfit then. Can’t wait to see everyone’s!

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 89

Written by Emily Happy Sunday everyone! It was a beautiful morning near where I live. My dad is in town for the weekend and we’re playing in a golf tournament together later today! Monday, we had a post from Elizabeth about trying a new style. Her dress she showcases is beautiful! Friday, we had a […]

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Dressing for Mass

Written by Holly Since Fine Linen and Purple is the home of What I Wore Sunday, it seemed an appropriate place to discuss a couple of articles that I ran across this week. I love the WIWS (which I haven’t been able to be host of lately because WEDDING SEASON! Can’t wait to get back […]

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Trying a New Style


Written by Elizabeth I have a style confession to make. Until last month I had never tried a maxi skirt or maxi dress. I am typically not a long flowy type of girl. I prefer pencil skirts. Besides as someones who borders on the petite zone I figured a long skirt would just look all […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 88

Written by Emily We had one post this week from Holly about curly hair! Are you interested in hosting WIWS or guest posting during the week? Please contact me!

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Curly Girls!

Written by Holly If you’ve been reading for awhile, you probably remember when I started plopping my hair, and documented the process here.  If you don’t remember, you can see it here and here. As a bit of a follow up to the follow up, I have tried the micro fiber towel since then, and actually […]

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