What I Wore Easter Sunday


Written by Emily Happy Easter everyone! We are so excited for all of those who entered the Church yesterday. We had a guest post from Elizabeth from Super Swell Times about how she learned how to dress modestly by embarrassing herself in public. Check it out! We also had another post in the minimalist kids series by Carolynne. We're off to church this morning followed by a brunch with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Dress: Ann Taylor Loft Shoes: Famous Footwear Sweater: My mom Can't wait to see all of your outfits! … [Continue reading...]

Minimalist Kids Part 3: The Minimalist Toddler

Written by Carolynne This is the third in a five-part series about creating a minimalist wardrobe for your little ones. I've written about the minimalist newborn and the minimalist baby, so this week I'll talk about the minimalist toddler. My daughter is a toddler, so this post is particularly relevant for me. 1. Toddlers need more clothes than babies Your toddler's wardrobe should be bigger than your baby's for two reasons. First, toddlers are messy. My daughter learned to feed herself shortly after she started solid food, but even after a year she still sometimes has a hard time finding her mouth. This means that she sometimes goes through two outfits a day. Now that we're not washing swaddling blankets, burp cloths and cloth bibs regularly, we do fewer loads of laundry and … [Continue reading...]

I Learned How to Dress Modestly by Routinely Embarrassing Myself in Public – A Retrospective

Garnet Ring

Elizabeth from Super Swell Times is back with another hilarious post. Check out her blog if you haven’t. And here’s a link to her first post [On Learning To Dress Like an Adult]. Enjoy! ~~~ Look, I understand that modesty is a virtue and that all young Catholic women should strive to be as modest as […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 78

Written by Emily Happy Palm Sunday everyone! I’m very excited to celebrate my first Easter as a Catholic next week! I’m even more excited to see my family and spend time with them. I haven’t seen them in a while! It also just happens to be my brother’s birthday today so happy birthday to him […]

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First Reconciliation

Written by Holly For those of you following my conversion story, you know that my next step was to make my First Confession.  To clarify for those unfamiliar with the process, if you convert to Catholicism and need to be baptized, you do not have to make a confession prior to your baptism/confirmation/First Communion.  Baptism […]

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Minimalist Kids Part 2: The Minimalist Baby

Written by Carolynne This is the second post in a five-part series about creating a minimalist wardrobe for your little ones. Last week, I discussed how newborns can be minimalists. This week, I’ll show you how babies can be minimalists too. 1. Your baby needs fewer clothes than you think Babies grow incredibly quickly so […]

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Giveaway: Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace

My blogging friend, Jenna from Call Her Happy has been showcasing her embroidery for some time on her blog. I was just waiting and waiting for her to open a shop where you could buy it, and now she has! And today, we’re giving away one of her necklaces! See below for the picture: She […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 77


Happy Sunday everyone! Carolynne was on the blog with a new mini-series about the minimalist wardrobe for kids. Holly was on the blog Friday writing about first Communion. She’s also hosting WIWS this week so I’ll let her take it away! ~~~ Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome to What I Wore Sunday! For those of you that don’t know […]

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First Communion

Written by Holly I’m writing about First Communion this week, because that’s what’s on my mind!  Three out of four members of my household will take Communion for the first time this month – one of the traits of being a family of converts.  I’m kind of straying from the normal path here at Fine […]

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Minimalist Kids Part 1: The Minimalist Newborn

Written by Carolynne Over the next five weeks, I will show you how to create a minimalist wardrobe for your little ones. In this post, I’ll start at the beginning by showing you that even newborns can be minimalists. 1. Don’t buy newborn clothes Newborn clothes are tiny and adorable and everyone likes to buy […]

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