Mother Teresa Quote

Credit for this lovely image goes to the talented Kendra of Catholic All Year. (She has more - check them out!) I ran across this again today, and was reminded of how much I love it.  I'm a little surrounded by chaos this week, and this served as a reminder to look around and take stock of all of our blessings - especially the ones we don't always see.  So...I did.  And now I'm going to share a few of them with you, on the condition that YOU comment and share a few of YOURS with me. There is currently an earphone cord tied to the closet handle of the kids closet.  I move it every time I put up clothes, but I am thankful for that "Lego man zipline" because it shows that my kids are blessed to have toys, but also blessed with wonderful imaginations to make toys out of ordinary … [Continue reading...]

What I Wore Sunday – Volume 112


Hello hello, and welcome to What I Wore Sunday!  It has been a crrraaazzyyy weekend around here so far, and I have a couple of things to tell you all. FIRST of all - THANK YOU to all of you who have gone over to Roses For Mary's Etsy Shop and purchased a rosary!  Becky reported that after our give-away she has seen a rise in business.  I appreciate you all for supporting her - what a fabulous way to repay her kindness in donating a rosary for our give-away.  If you have ordered one, send us a photo either via email or on our Facebook page - I would love to see what you chose! We have a dear family friend that just underwent a MAJOR surgery.  It was successful so far but is still wait and see, so I would immensely appreciate your prayers for him! AND!  Inquiring minds what to know … [Continue reading...]

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (x3!)

The give-away has ended!  That was such a fun week – we loved reading all of your comments.  If you didn’t win, I encourage you to check out the vendors that donated – their products are top notch.  You can visit the Rosary shop here and the necklace shop here.  The winners have been notified, […]

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A Fun Challenge For Your Monday!


Written by Sarah Good morning – happy Monday! I’m taking on a little challenge this week and wanted to invite you lovelies to join me. I’m going to wear lipstick every day for a week. Okay, I know. It’s a little random. I’ll explain. My husband’s mother always looks lovely. She never leaves the house […]

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What I Wore Sunday – Volume 111


Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to What I Wore Sunday!  I know everyone is anxious to get to the link-up, but I wanted to remind you (or TELL YOU, if you don’t already know!) about the give-away we’re running! You can see all the details and enter in this post.  We have a handmade Rosary, […]

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Giveaway Details!


We’ve been hinting about this giveaway all week – it’s time to make good on our promise!  You ready?  Here we go! First up is this fabulous rosary that we already gave you the details on: Like I mentioned before, this isn’t the exact rosary we are giving away – the one we are giving […]

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Thoughts On The New Year


Hello all!  Elizabeth is here to check in on how your New Year is going.  Be sure to leave her some love in the comments! -Holly ******************************************************* I read a post last year about the main factors of simplicity. It reinforced something that I have already found to be true. You pick a few things […]

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Giveaway Preview!


It was GREAT to see so many familiar faces for What I Wore Sunday this week – both here and on Twitter!  I hope you all continue to link up as often as you can. We hinted at a giveaway during WIWS this week so I thought I would give you a little preview.  There […]

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What I Wore Sunday – Volume 110


Hello everyone! Welcome to What I Wore Sunday! Today is a joint post – Sarah and I (Holly) are thrilled to tell you that we have taken over Fine Linen and Purple! We are honored that Kendra and Emily have entrusted the blog to us. This has been their baby for years, and they have […]

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What I Wore Sunday: Volume 109


Happy Sunday! Sorry this is up so late! We have Melody hosting this week and I’ll let her introduce herself! ~~~ Thanks so much to Fine Linen and Purple for having me host this week! My name is Melody and I blog over at Melody’s Harmonies. I’m married to a wonderful geeky beer-loving student husband […]

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