What I Wore Sunday: A New Linkup Incoming

Written by Kendra

Hey everyone, how was your weekend?

We over here at Fine Linen and Purple have been busy regrouping, fixing an html issue that affected the last post and your rss feeds. If you’re seeing a problem, it’s probably us and not you! It will be fixed hopefully asap!

In other news, starting next Sunday we will be hosting a new linkup. Temporary name is “What I Wore Sunday,” subject to change. We heard from some women who are struggling with what to wear for Sunday church, which inspired the idea for this linkup.

This is my “What in the world am I wearing to Church this week?” face. I imagine many of you feel the same way.

To participate, simply take a picture of yourself in your outfit for Sunday church, post it on your own blog, and link up here. That’s it! You are free write whatever else in your post…..whether that’s an interesting story that happened at church, describing how you picked your outfit, explaining what you love about it or how you feel in it, etc. The purpose of the linkup is to help each other out with church outfit ideas by seeing real pictures of what your fellow ladies are wearing on any given week.

Quick Rules:

~Linkup will go live at 10 pm EST on Sunday (to give you time to get to Mass and get your picture on your blog) and will remain open for 2 days.

~The post must contain a picture of you wearing your church outfit (preferably head to toe without anything blocking the view….we want people to be able to see your clothes!)

~You must link back to this blog (there may be an optional “button” for ┬áthis linkup to include in your post)

~Any post that doesn’t link back or is otherwise off-topic will be removed from the linkup

Let your friends know so that we get a wide variety of outfits to browse through! I can’t wait to see the participation!

One more thing about the blog too: This week will be all about makeup! We’ll be discussing a variety of views from Christian women on using makeup in our everyday lives. The schedule looks like this:

Tuesday: Kendra’s Take

Wednesday: Emily’s Take

Thursday: A differing view from a guest poster

Friday: Seven Quick Opinions on Makeup and Faith from a group of guest bloggers

It’s going to be awesome, I’m pretty sure :-)

Have a lovely week! Hope to see you all participating in Makeup Week and and What I Wore Sunday Linkup!