What I Wore Sunday: Volume 7

What I Wore Sunday linkup

It’s time again for What I Wore Sunday!

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While you’re here, why don’t you check out what we’ve been writing? This whole past week we talked about mothers and daughters, and fostering positive attitudes at home regarding clothes and modesty.

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Today is a very rainy day and I felt like busting out the sweater dress. It’s from Ruche. Belt is from Kohl’s (and already broke despite this being the first time wearing it. Lame.) Tights are from my aunt, but seriously they’re the most comfortable and warm tights I have ever worn. Black heels are from DSW I’m pretty sure. My cross necklace is from Kay Jewelers- it was a present from my grandpa for my birthday last year.

This bracelet has been an on-going gift from my aunt. The little angel is in memory of my grandmother and the musical note (that you can hardly see) is a special reminder that God gave me the ability to sing so I should share it! And I think the cross is self-explanatory :)

19 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Volume 7

  1. That green is a great color on you. And I really like the personalized bracelet – most of my jewelry that I really love is sentimental.

  2. I’ve been searching for a green dress for the holidays; you look great, Emily! I love the stories you gave for your charm bracelet–I included stories about my jewelry this week, too. Thank you ladies so much, again, for hosting =)

  3. Your pose is totally better than mine. Also, major props for having a seemingly diverse color wardrobe. I end up in ruts where I only have blue or something. Colors are for everyone and you have an eye for great shades!

  4. Oh my goodness, you look so adorable! I love the hip pop too! And I mean “adorable” in a totally “you are a 20-something adult” kind of way!

  5. This is my favorite of yours so far! The color is great and the high belt coupled with black on black tights and shoes makes your legs look really long!

  6. One of my areas of neglect is focusing on dressing my children appropriately for mass and aiming for nothing more than “pretty clean” for myself. Thanks to your WIWS, I’m challenging myself to put more effort into dressing for mass this Advent (even daily mass). Thanks for the inspiration.

    You look lovely this week. I love the dress w/ opaque tights. Very cute.

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