What I Wore Sunday linkup

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 14

What I Wore Sunday linkup

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This week was Do It Yourself week! We had some pretty fantastic guest posts. Monday, Dwija had a post about fixing a too-big shirt with just one seam. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Tuesday, Magdalen shared how she makes her own beauty products. She even gives some recipes for her favorites! Wednesday, I talked about my random DIY hobbies: knitting and cross-stitch. And Friday, we had Liz go into depth about knitting and the awesome accessorizing you can do with it!

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I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t put tights under this skirt. Because it’s cold. No more 60 degree January for this Ohio girl. Sad day. My hair officially has gotten to the point where it’s too long for my liking. I already made my appointment for May to get at least 6 inches chopped off (I might even have enough to donate by that point, who knows). I’m thankful Jim and I can have Sundays to go to church together! And he even said he’s not sick of taking my picture (yet)!

I couldn’t find the shirt I normally wear with this skirt. So instead, I just paired a black t-shirt with it. And a nice sweater to appear like I know what I’m doing.

Sweater, again my mom’s.
Skirt I think JCPenny? I got it my senior year of high school.. no joke.
Shirt is from H&M (I can never get enough of those $4 shirts)
Shoes from DSW.
Earrings from Claire’s (again, forever ago. I think I wore them to prom my senior year. hah!)

As always, we appreciate you participating and sharing your outfits. I can’t wait to see what you all are wearing.

Have a blessed Sunday!

14 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Volume 14

  1. That is pretty awesome. Fitting into something from high school for me would be a monumental miracle! But then my time-line is a smidge different than yours.
    I love the color combination of the black with the bright blue. You can really see the skirt detail because of the color. Lovely.

  2. I just linked up with almost 50 other bloggers! Wowzers! I’m so impressed with how much this has grown. You ladies gotta be proud of all the great Mass fashion you’ve inspired. Keep up the good work!

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