What I Wore Sunday: Volume 20

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This week we had a guest post from Katrina on winter wardrobe essentials for a nursing mama, and Emily wrote a bit about what to wear to a wedding. Emily’s post might include a fairly old photo of both of us….which is reason enough to head over and read it. :-)

This week’s Lenten reflection is from Catherine who blogs over at Victoriuss.


I think I can count two seasons of Lent when I reached Easter and actually felt I had prepared for Christ’s resurrection, that I had been cleansed and grown. This year I am really trying to grow in Holiness, closer to the Lord and in the faith. It is so helpful to have daily reminders (homilies, the people in my community, etc.) of my Lenten observances, but perhaps even more helpful is learning about and having the practices and purposes explained.

During Lent, in order to cleanse and purify our hearts, contemplate the passion and death of Christ, to prepare and be able to fully celebrate the resurrection, we are called to: fast, pray and give alms. I am a very practical person, so here is a little synopsis of these three tasks we are called to, and a practical way you can put them into practice. I hope these help you along your Lenten journey!

Purpose: Growth in self-control, so that we may free the body as opposed to being enslaved to the body.
Practical Application:
Don’t spend as much time on the internet/tv.
Give up a little dessert or seconds at a meal.
Try not to say any negative or sarcastic jokes.
Hardcore: Only eat bread and drink water for one day.

Purpose: “Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” –Matthew 26:41
Practical application: Take on a special prayer devotion such as the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, A Novena, The Morning Offering Prayer, etc.
Offering it up whenever you get impatient, envious, scared, mad, excited, lonely, etc.
Pray for those who wrong you, who annoy you, as well as those you love and care for.

Purpose: To grow in the virtue of generosity to overcome greed.
Practical Application: Give a little gift to a friend, pay for a meal for a friend or stranger (drive-thru difference).
Get something from the store for a sick family member/friend (medicine, their favorite comfort food, etc).
Offer something to someone who asks for something, or even when they don’t ask for it, even if you really want it. (ie. The last piece of cake, the choice of where to go for dinner, etc).
Choose an organization whose mission you really stand behind and give a donation or volunteer to help with them.


Let’s check in this week, ok? Let us know how you’re doing this Lent in the comments below!

Have a great Sunday!!

9 thoughts on “What I Wore Sunday: Volume 20

  1. Thanks for the reflection. I never feel like I am focused enough, and I always find excuses why that is: I have a toddler, we’re moving, I’m pregnant, etc. etc. etc. I just need to buckle down!

    • Hey, excuses do count, to an extent. I gave birth on Palm Sunday weekend last year so Lent was a blur of very little sacrificing…except for the whole super pregnant and then new mother thing. :-)

      I think God understands. We can be creative and come up with ways to be fruitful during Lent without going crazy!

  2. Coming up on mid-Lent; it’s now I start thinking “I’ve already gotten lax in so many of my Lenten sacrifices, I should just give up.” But I managed to go to confession and it was just the boost I needed to buckle down as Jenna says and get back to it. There’s still time to make something of this Lent even if you’ve been discouraged thus far. Thanks for the pep talk and tips to help stay the course!

    • Definitely! I’m headed to confession with a friend this coming weekend as a mid-Lent boost (who am I kidding, it’s more like a mid-Lent-drowning-prevention).

  3. GAH!!!!! I’m soooooo in.
    A) I have been in a SERIOUS rut dressing for church.
    B) I generally feel (and look!) like a frumpy sack of potatoes when I head out, and I don’t own frumpy clothes!
    C) I seem to have confused “modesty” with “keep putting on any clothes until no skin shows… and don’t do your hair.”
    D) I just clicked on EVERY SINGLE LINKER and love the community.
    Thank you for coming up on the first page after Googling “what I wore to church”.

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