What I Wore Sunday: Volume 57

Happy Sunday everyone!

What I Wore Sunday linkup

We had a wonderful post by Mary about choosing joy no matter what. Otherwise, we had a pretty slow week. We have some guest posts coming up this week that I am excited about! Check back here on Tuesday and Thursday for some new writers!

This week, we have the lovely Mandi from Messy Wife, Blessed Life hosting WIWS. We’ve been blogging friends for a while and I am so excited that she is here to share her outfit with all of you! Check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed! She has the cutest daughter and touches on some really great topics. Thank you Mandi for hosting today!


This weekend is an exciting weekend for our parish as we celebrate the first Masses in our new church.  We have only been a part of our parish for a few months, since our move in July, but we’ve already grown to love it.  We have two wonderful priests who both radiate a love for Christ, His Church, and their parishioners.  The parish is quite vibrant, overflowing with families with young children, a parish school, and many ministries (including a new mom’s group starting up next week!).

When we moved, I lamented leaving our parish yet again.  The parish where my husband and I were married, where we watched my daughter and my grandfather (79 at the time!) be baptized, where I taught at the parish school.  The Lord sent us such comfort in the form of our new parish.  It took time for us to feel connected to our last parish, but only a few months into our life here, we have already put deep roots in our new one.  Many of my husband David’s coworkers attend our parish so we already see many familiar faces in Mass.   Our pastor helped us bury the baby we recently lost to miscarriage.  David’s boss (the headmaster of the school where he teaches) is a deacon at our parish and gave us the Blessing of Parents After a Miscarriage.  We have been so blessed by our new parish family, so it is with great joy that we celebrate the opening of our new church!

My family moved here when construction was nearing completion so we never heard the plans for the church.  The parish has a website dedicated to showing the building of the church at each step (a wonderful parishioner updates it several times a week, so you can go through and see the progression!) but I’ve purposely avoided it because I want to see it without any preconceived notions of what it should look like.

One thing I do know about our new church is that it has altar rails.  I am so grateful to be able to receive the Eucharist on my knees each week.  Having attended Latin Mass on several occasions, I have a great love of receiving while kneeling in reverence; it helps me remember that the Eucharist is truly Christ’s body, worthy of all worship and adoration.  How fitting it will be to receive the Lord in this way as today will also be the first time I’ll receive the Eucharist in six months.  I went to confession yesterday for the first time in seven months.  It was a long six months of sitting in the pews as everyone around me would go up to receive the Lord. How I’ve missed the Eucharist and look forward to receiving it again!

Here’s what I’ll be wearing (please excuse the toddler photo bomber):

photo-008 Dress: Kohl’s (Lauren Conrad)

Sweater: Kohl’s (Elle)

Shoes: Amazon


Thank you so much Mandi for hosting! Interested in hosting? Send us an email! We have a few more for this year but we would love to have you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. I’ve never linked-up with FLAP but I do love what you all are doing! Mandi, that dress is so cute. Love the whole outfit. And, so glad to hear that your new parish has been such a blessing during this difficult time! Continued prayers! Maybe someday soon, I’ll get over feeling funny about taking Sunday pics of myself and share some of the ways I try to wrap myself for Our Lord. :)

  2. love how you wear this dress! (also envious of what looks like really nice weather…)

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