What I Wore Sunday: Volume 60

Written by Emily

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Happy Sunday and second Sunday of Advent!

This week, we had a post from Sarah about blooming where you’re planted. Are where you are supposed to be in life? That’s something that Sarah explores. Check it out!

Today, we have Melody from Melody’s Harmonies hosting WIWS! Welcome, Melody! We’re both newlyweds and I am so happy she’s here to share a little about herself. She’s new to blogging so you should go over to her blog and say hi!


Thank you so much Fine Linen and Purple for letting me host this week’s edition of What I Wore Sunday: I’m so excited!

First off, a little introduction: My name is Melody, you can find me blogging over at Melody’s Harmonies. I’m new to blogging but loving it and the wonderful people I’m discovering along the way. I’m wife to a pretty awesome guy and an Administrative Assistant during the day but in my free time you can find me reading, cooking or trying my hand at something crafty. I blog about the aforementioned adventures and other things like living on a budget and reflections on faith and life.

I love preparation. So naturally, I love Advent. Today, my husband and I are celebrating 6 months of married life and I was thinking how similar the preparations for a wedding are to the preparations we make in advent for Christmas. At our engagement, we knew we had preparations to make, both for the event itself but also within our hearts. The same goes for the advent season: we prepare our homes for the day itself but at the same time we prepare our hearts for Christ’s arrival. And we make the same mistake: we get so caught up in the preparations for the day and the event that we forget about the necessary preparations in our hearts. There’s so much going on, so much to do, and so many details to get caught up in that we lose sight of where our focus should be: the joining of two hearts and the arrival of the Saviour of the world. Instead we must force ourselves to slow down, take the time away from the preparations to open our hearts in anticipation of the coming joy.

So that’s my little Second Sunday of Advent insight! I pray you are able to focus on the important things while enjoying the fun of the Christmas season.

Now what you are really here for: What I Wore Sunday!

 photo 1

A lovely snowy day here in Canada – we can’t escape winter forever!

Cape: Trione Designs (from our Irish Honeymoon: I’ve been waiting for cold enough weather to wear it and it’s definitely here!)

Leggings: – H&M Basics

Boots: The Shoe Company (Baretraps)

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Thanks Melody for hosting this week! Are you interested in hosting? Let us know!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks to Melody for hosting! Love your wedding analogy; I’m totally going to use that sometime:)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love that cape! And you wear it so well!

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