What I Wore Sunday: Volume 76

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

 My Goddaughter was baptized today! Her name is Helena and she is just the cutest. Jim is also the Godfather. We are so blessed to be a part of her life. And the crazy thing is, blogging and Twitter brought her mom, Kiera and me together!


Dress: JCPenny
Leggings: Fleece leggings from Walgreens (best. invention. ever.)
Boots (can’t really see): Kohl’s

We had 3 posts this week! I was actually in LA for work and my husband comes home today from Italy! That might be why you haven’t been seeing pictures from me the past few weeks :)

Monday, Elizabeth from Super Swell Times guest posted on learning how to dress like an adult. And like I said in the intro, if you haven’t read her blog you should.

Carolynne continued her series with Part 7: four do’s and don’ts of thrift store shopping.

Holly talked about her RCIA experience. Won’t you say a few extra prayers for her in her last weeks before being confirmed?

I’ll be posting a picture later today once I am home!

Have a great day!

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