What I Wore Sunday: Volume 83

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Happy Sunday! Sorry for the delay in getting this up! I had quite a busy weekend and was scrambling to get to Mass today after my race.

We had Carolynne’s post in her series within a series about the Minimalist Vacation.

We also had Holly’s post about women and the Catholic Church.

It’s been a super crazy weekend for us. We ran a race yesterday and then I got up at 4:30 am to run another one today! I’m beat. We’re going to have sort of a flashback Sunday of what I wore but not a picture of today. Because I failed at getting a good picture. But here it is anyway for your enjoyment.


Old apartment and everything. Dress is from JC Penny. Shoes from DSW. Sweater from who knows where. This is definitely one of my favorite dresses.

Hopefully life will calm down a bit in the next few days, I’m beat! Have a wonderful day!

Also, if you’re interested in hosting WIWS or guest posting, please let us know!

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