What I Wore Sunday: Volume 78

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Written by Emily

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! I’m very excited to celebrate my first Easter as a Catholic next week! I’m even more excited to see my family and spend time with them. I haven’t seen them in a while! It also just happens to be my brother’s birthday today so happy birthday to him as well!

Have you seen our giveaway on the blog? Jenna from Call Her Happy makes the cutest embroidered necklaces and we’re giving one away. But today and tomorrow are the last days to enter! You don’t want to miss out! Here’s a picture of what we’re giving. Enter at this link!

Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklace - Spring Flower

Carolynne continued her Minimalist Kids series with a post about the minimalist baby. Check it out if you haven’t.

Holly is converting to Catholicism at the Easter Vigil next Saturday and wrote about her first Reconciliation. Make sure you send her some extra prayers this week! I love reading fellow convert’s stories :)

I’ll hopefully have a picture up later today. My husband is back from Italy so I have a person to take my picture!

Have a great day and an even better Holy Week.

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 77

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Happy Sunday everyone! Carolynne was on the blog with a new mini-series about the minimalist wardrobe for kids. Holly was on the blog Friday writing about first Communion. She’s also hosting WIWS this week so I’ll let her take it away!


Happy Sunday everyone! Welcome to What I Wore Sunday! For those of you that don’t know me well, I am a photographer by trade and I love taking photos for WIWS. It’s always different being in front of the camera instead of behind it!

However, yesterday was my first wedding of the year. The kick off to wedding season is always fun, exciting and a little exhausting. So…even though I spent all day yesterday taking pretty pictures, today for my WIWS I give you the dreaded bathroom selfie. Two actually. So sorry about that. I promise that I will make up for it next time I host. Cut a wedding photographer some slack today and forgive me? :) Here’s what I wore to Mass!

image image (1)
Pants: Goodys
Cami: Gordmans
Long sleeved shirt: Walmart I think?
Cardigan: Gordmans
Shoes: Yellowbox, not sure you can see them.

Thanks for stopping by! Link up those purty outfits for me! :)


What I Wore Sunday: Volume 76

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

 My Goddaughter was baptized today! Her name is Helena and she is just the cutest. Jim is also the Godfather. We are so blessed to be a part of her life. And the crazy thing is, blogging and Twitter brought her mom, Kiera and me together!


Dress: JCPenny
Leggings: Fleece leggings from Walgreens (best. invention. ever.)
Boots (can’t really see): Kohl’s

We had 3 posts this week! I was actually in LA for work and my husband comes home today from Italy! That might be why you haven’t been seeing pictures from me the past few weeks :)

Monday, Elizabeth from Super Swell Times guest posted on learning how to dress like an adult. And like I said in the intro, if you haven’t read her blog you should.

Carolynne continued her series with Part 7: four do’s and don’ts of thrift store shopping.

Holly talked about her RCIA experience. Won’t you say a few extra prayers for her in her last weeks before being confirmed?

I’ll be posting a picture later today once I am home!

Have a great day!

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 74

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve had a pretty laid-back week after my work trip and I’m happy to be home. Too bad I have to go on another one soon. Super lame.

We had Carolynne’s post on the Do’s and Don’ts of Sales. If you haven’t seen her series, click here for all of them!

Holly wrote a post about Gospel reflections and spring wardrobes (I really hope spring comes sooner than later, I’m sick of the cold!)

We have a few guest posts coming in the next few weeks that should be awesome. If you have an idea for a guest post or want to host What I Wore Sunday, please contact us!

I’m not sure if I’ll get a good picture of what I’m wearing because of the lack of someone to take it for me. But hopefully I’ll get one! I’m running a race today after church at noon as well so I’m hoping it warms up even a few degrees before then :)

Have a wonderful day!

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 73

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Guys, I fail. First Sunday of Lent and I forget to take a picture of what I wore yesterday. I’m on my way to Michigan for work so Jim and I went to Mass last night. And my goodness was it more crowded than I’ve ever seen it! We were experiencing a little warm spell which I was getting really excited about.. only for it to start snowing again yesterday. When will this winter end?!

I gave up sweets this Lent and never realized how hard it was going to be! So many people decided this week would be a great week to bring in all sorts of cookies and baked goods. I’m determined to stay strong this Lent (especially because it’s my first one as a Catholic!)

Whether you’re Catholic or not, Lent is a special time. I hope you take the next few weeks to grow in your relationship with God. I try to become extra-aware of my prayer-life during Lent. It’s always something that I add on to my sacrifice.

This week on the blog we had Carolynne’s post giving three steps to shopping. You can also find her whole series here.

And, it’s Holly’s first Catholic Lent! She’s going to become Catholic at the Easter Vigil!

Sorry for the lack of picture, but I cannot wait to see all of your outfits for this first Sunday of Lent!

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 72

What I Wore Sunday linkup

We had three posts this week! I was going to try to supplement the other days to have the 7 days of posts but I was too busy trying to complete Jen’s challenge on my own blog! So 4 out of 7 isn’t so bad, right?

Elizabeth posted about foundation.

Carolynne had her third installment of her minimalist wardrobe series with way to plan your wardrobe.

Holly had a post about goats, milk soap, and Lent.

It’s crazy to me that Lent starts so soon! To kick off our last Sunday in Ordinary Time, we have a guest host Megan and she blogs over at Purity of Heart. She’s preparing for the birth of her first child! And she has an absolutely beautiful blog and you should all go check it out. Take it away, Megan!



Outfit details:
| Dress: H&M | Necklace: H&M | Shoes: Target | Purse: Kate Spade |

Hey Everyone! My name is Megan and I blog over at Purity of Heart. I am an Orange County, CA native who moved to the San Diego area after getting married in June of 2012. I get to live out my vocation of being a rookie wife to my cute husband, Casey. I could be bias, but he is the sweetest Southern Gentleman from Louisiana. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child this May.  



I am passionately Catholic, have a huge heart for ministry, and strive daily for Heaven. My life goal is to bring back the dignity of women in today’s society by emphasizing their self-worth, beauty, and purity.
Purity of Heart is meant to inspire and encourage women of all ages to know who God truly made women to be. We are GOOD enough. Not only are we good enough, but the beauty that we each bear is a true and perfect creation of God. You are A BEAUTY TO BE UNVEILED :)

Ali5 2

Over the weekend my husband and I were busy taking on “Project Nursery” for our little bundle of joy. I am definitely in nesting mode as I clean and organize everything in sight. Attending Mass on Sunday was a good break away from the project, and allowed us to really focus our hearts on our Lenten preparation, which starts this Wednesday! I am so thankful for Lent; it makes me reflect on my faith walk and see where I have become complacent and what needs improvementLent is humbling, but it is just what my soul needs.


What are you guys giving up/doing extra for Lent?
Have a Blessed Sunday! Thanks for reading! XO

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 71

Written by Holly

What I Wore Sunday linkup

We had a busy week over here at the blog! If you missed any of this week’s posts, I linked them right here!

Wednesday we had Holly’s follow-up to her Hair Plopping and she gave you all a little challenge!

Thursday we had Carolynne’s second installment of the minimalist wardrobe with four steps to clear the clutter!

Friday we had Sarah’s Getting Dressed Challenge and a little advice for organizing closets!

Now I’m going to let Holly take away hosting WIWS this week!


Guess who got to wear short sleeves in Februray? That’s right, I did!  I’m not even going to think about the fact that we’re going right back to cold temps and snow now, I’m going to focus on the fact that today it was sixty degrees!  The outfit I had originally planned for today consisted of two shirts and long sleeves so I nixed it this morning and had to dig to find something weather appropriate.  Here is what I came up with!
Shirt: Not sure, it was a gift
Pants: Levi
Shoes: Yellowbox (can’t say enough good things about yellowbox!)
Mud on Shoes and Floor: Midwest Winter
Hair: Not plopped today, straightened due to wind!
Link up those outfits!  I can’t wait to see what you wore!


What I Wore Sunday: Volume 70

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

We had a few posts from our contributing writers this week! Holly wrote about kindness week and a challenge to perform a RACK (Did you do it?!). And we welcomed Carolynne with her new series about having a minimalist approach to fashion. She’ll be here weekly so check out her posts!

We had a fun week at our household. Yesterday, my husband and I adopted a little dog and we named him Jax. My heart melts a little every time he follows me around at home. And of course, it’s been snowing pretty much non-stop for the past few weeks. BUT! We’re supposed to get temperatures in the 50′s this week!

Say hi to Jax!

As for my outfit this week, I was thinking warm. Because it’s freezing outside. Again. Sorry for the blurry photo. My good camera broke anddd this is my phone camera (which isn’t good in any way, shape, or form).

20140202_143941Literally everything I’m wearing is from Kohl’s. Sweater, scarf, pants, boots. All from Kohl’s. And all on sale. Win!

You can even see my awesome Fitbit Flex that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s pretty much the best thing ever!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 69

Written by Emily

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m visiting Kendra and her family this weekend and we’re going to Mass a little later today. I’ll be sure to get a picture up after we do!

We had a few posts on the blog this week! If you missed them, Elizabeth wrote a post about lipstick and Holly wrote a post about making sure your beauty products are safe!

If you are interested in either hosting WIWS or contributing a guest post during the week, please let us know! There is a contact form at the top there or you can send us an email at finelinenandpurpleblog at gmail dot com!

Have a wonderful day!

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 68

What I Wore Sunday linkup

Written by Emily

We had a quiet this week at the blog, but we have lots of awesome posts this week from our contributing writers ready to be posted! I hope you’ll join us during the week to check them out!

Jim and I are a football-loving couple so we’re having some friends over to watch the big game!

Will get up my picture shortly (after I ya know, upload it).

Happy Sunday!